Head Regal was created in 2012 with the pure intention of making beautifully unique, life-friendly products that make you feel good on the inside. Inspiration for our blankets arise from things such as safety, comfort, wellness, being in the moment, restfulness, peace, calm, truth, vulnerability, playfulness, individuality, love, nature, and home. No matter the design or size you choose, each blanket is intended to be a “personal blankie” for all ages and meant to provide snuggly comfort for you, wherever you are. The fact that they look great in the home, is secondary, but also intended.

Community, friendship, and family (whatever form that comes in) is literally threaded into everything about Head Regal.  In the early days of describing Head Regal style we came up with the description of hippie-bohemian-beach-cowgirl-punk and that definitely still rings true, however connectivity is really and truly what Head Regal style is all about, and that applies to men, women and children alike. Our signature Vintage Kantha Fuzz Blanketscreated from hand-stitched quilts from the 70’s, have inspired a multi-line brand of blankets and set a standard where every blanket that we make is worthy of entering your life and of sharing in your story.  Whether created from vintage quilts, hand dyed from raw material, or exclusively created with our own fabrics – what you’re wrapping around you (always backed in fuzzy wonderfulness btw) is special and created with heaps of love.

This website has been thoughtfully created to provide you with the latest Head Regal products, as well as a newly added discounted section, called Our Bazaar, where you can find our exclusive bags, blankets, denim napkins, fish tails and items one would find at our local LA private sales.  Please be sure to join our newsletter to stay up to date on newly released creations and flash sales in the bazaar.  Feel free to contact us anytime if you can’t find what you are looking for.

We are proud to announce that we have added new designs to our shop including: new vintage kanthas, American wools, floral bundled and water color dyed silks, a vintage army jacket inspired blanket as well as an expansion of our denim line of blankets now available in different washes and weights.  Amongst our newest designs, The Denim Jacket Blanket available in 10 oz. features a “caballo” or double stitch inspired by Levi Strauss and Co. which originally designed it in 1947.

All Head Regal blankets are dreamt up, designed and made in Los Angeles, California on both domestic and imported fabrics.  We only work with passionate aritsans with ethical standards, who care as much as we do about the final design.

Amber Laforet
Owner | Designer

Laforet is the mother of two (Noah and Eliana) and is native to Los Angeles. Being a mom has definitely played a huge role in defining what Head Regal stands for. She is grateful for the journey her business has taken her on and is most proud to be able to share it with her children. “My kids have been raised amidst vintage colors of India and wash houses of LA. They’ve been able to see how things are made and watch their mom create,” she says.

Coming from a creative background, she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Photojournalism from Western Kentucky University and worked as a Picture Editor at a large photo agency in New York. She strongly feels that visual storytelling is infused into the Head Regal culture. Most imagery that comes her way of people wrapped in a HR blanket, is capturing a real life moment whether celebrating a newborn, snuggling your loved ones, or wrapping oneself up in self love, or healing – it all is just adding to this beautiful multifaceted tapestry of life and spreading a message of positivity. “I think that the main thing is to create with meaning and with love, just like anything.” She is so grateful when people share their Head Regal stories with her. “My favorite is when family members fight over their blankies! We have the same problem in our house.”

She happily raises her two children with sunshine, sand and sweat in their hair in Manhattan Beach, California.

Thank you @tylerknott for finding the words, once again... that speak to every single one of us. ...

The online shop is live + updated 🙌🏽 t h a n k you for your patience 🤍Blankets are all marked down 20% no code necessary (calculated at checkout) + each online order of blankets has one mask included as a gift. Much love, Amber P.S. New Mexican Surf, 8 oz Denim, and big + little dog blankets up next!! And we will replenish masks. ...

Totally weird to be posting this but some of you have asked how they look on. This is how one of the silk eggplant masks drape on me. Thank you for your patience, the site is officially launching this afternoon! We are doing some final tweaking but some of you already placed orders as we were testing! Rad. I promise to send the newsletter out and post something once it’s all ready to go. Stay safe. Xo amber ...

The best helpers ever 🤍 Thank you Noah and Lala for helping your mama pull this off! I really needed your help and you really came through. I love you. #headregalfamily (new collection coming sooooooon to our online shop, standby🤞🏽) ...